is the official website for the monthly Automark Magazine. It is the most premier and authentic source of information for the Pakistani Automotive Industry.

We have a traffic of around 15000 page views per month and it is increasing every day

Feb to March 2018 single month Google Analytics

Our banner choices on the website, below are the examples of banner sizes options we give. They will appear in each of our articles, you can buy any one of them for 499 PKR per 15 days.

You can buy whole background of for 5 days for 499 PKR with your branding and link back to your site.

For example below

Example of background ad on

You can publish your company profile on our website for prospective clients to see, it is automatically indexed on our search engines.
For example: Memon Motors Company Profile

You can post your company profile on our website monthly for 1000 PKR

Summary of all options and packages.

  • Banner ad on Article - 499 PKR per 15 days
  • Background ad on website - 499 PKR for 5 days
  • Company Profile - 1000 PKR per month

You can also put guest posts on our websites with dofollow links for 1000 PKR


Entry Package

Rs 1299Rs 2000 /month
Get a banner ad for 1 whole month which cost 1000 and a company profile worth 1000 alone, together just for 1300.

  • Banner ad on Article for 1 month
  • Company Profile for 1 month
  • Background Ad

Industry Leader Package

Rs 19999Rs 25000 /1 year
Get a banner ad for 12 whole month which cost 12000 and a company profile worth 12000 alone, and a background ad for 10 days worth 1000 for just 19999
  • Banner ad on Article for 12 months
  • Company Profile for 12 months
  • Background Ad for 10 days
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