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PAPS 2015

Atlas Honda

Waqas Asghar, a representative of Atlas Honda, looking after exports and promotions briefed about his company and said that they have been operating since 51 years and export their products in Srilanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. He added that Atlas Honda is the market leader when it comes to two-wheelers or motorcycles in Pakistan. He appreciated the efforts of the organizers of PAPS 2015 saying that the event has improved as compared to all previous years and is fully equipped. He concluded that PAPS is a platform where individuals from automotive industry get a chance to interact with each other which benefits the sector in the long run.

Thal Engineering

Mr. Abdul Majid, representative of Thal Engineering enlightened that Thal Engineering is basically a part of Thal Limited which manufactures a wide range of wiring material, thermal system used in ACs and various engine components. They supply these parts to large and renowned businesses like Toyota, Honda and Suzuki. He further said that they always avail the opportunity of setting up stall at PAPS and their entire team actively participates in order to exhibit their products. He concluded by saying that their main aim is to produce products locally so that companies don’t have to pay duties and can benefit from them at a lower cost.

AkzoNobel Pakistan

In the interview that followed with Mr. Imran Qureshi, a representative of a multinational and leading brand of painting and coating, he mentioned that it was the second time when they had put up their stall and it had been a good experience so far. He added that the room for improvement in auto sector is immense and people still wait for cars; hence the variety should increase in order to facilitate the customers. Lastly, he promised to attend and exhibit next year in PAPS too.

Green Wheels (Pvt) Ltd

bring a change in the society by launching Hybrid Rikshaw and are also working to introduce Hybrid Bikes in the near future. He highlighted that Hybrid Rikshaw can function through battery, fuel and also solar energy and for this purpose they are in talking terms with companies like PSO and Shell to set up solar panels. The rikshaw is fully automatic like a car and is highly economical hence contributing to the economy and welfare of people. The response has been great and political entities also encouraged the innovation brought bt Green Wheels.

Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd

Mr. Danish Dalia, Manager Marketing of Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Ltd. threw a light on the recent
expansion of their proposition to services. He said that they have been putting up their stall in every PAPS event which has took place and have been working with PAAPAM since the beginning.
He added that auto sector, being the mother industry of Pakistan has direct influence on the economy and apparently the growth and improvement of this sector has been outstanding.

Indus Motor Company Limited

Mr. Tariq Khan, Sr. Director of Technical at Indus Motor Company Ltd., said that they were the
diamond sponsors of the event and they promote such events which contribute to the auto sector of Pakistan. He added that such events are essential in order to develop awareness among the masses and most importantly, the government. He appreciated and congratulated the organizing committee of PAPS2015 for putting up an amazing event and said that it has been the best automobile event that he has witnessed so far. Moreover, he added a point related to governmental policies which should be
revised so that it can benefit the automobile industry in the long run. Lastly, he said that the marketing strategies of this sector should improve so that people can get aware of the development and growth of auto sector of Pakistan.

Allco Transfer Printers (Pvt) Ltd.

Mr. M. Aftab Alam, representative of M/s. Allco Transfer Printers (Pvt) Ltd. was highly obliged by the show put up by PAAPAM and since they have been with PAAPAM since the beginning and they put up their stalls everywhere, they highlighted the fact that the organization has improved immensely. Moreover, he stated that the automobile sector has developed over the years and has encouraged
foreign investment which has created jobs and benefited the economy of Pakistan.

Hinopak Motors Limited

Mr. Azeem Shah, a representative of sales and marketing department of Hinopak, said that they are the assemblers in Pakistan and are the pioneers when it comes to buses or heavy vehicles. Their
market share is more than 85% and their direct targeted market is educational or governmental
institutes while their market share in trucks is more than 50%. He revealed that the success behind being the market leader is their consistent quality and understanding the needs of their customers and molding their product according to them.

Base Welding Company

Mr. Saad Rafay, the Sales and Development Manager of Base Welding elaborated about his company
and said that they are suppliers of welding and cutting materials and is in collaboration with
companies in Sweden and US. He further appreciated the efforts of the organizers of PAPS 2015 and highlighted that it was their firstly experience at PAPS. He was pleased at the response and the kind of interaction he experienced with industry individuals and said that they will surely be coming back to
such large scale events.

Mumtaz Engineering

The representative of Mumtaz Engineering revealed that their father started this company on a very low scale and as time went on, they started working for Atlas Honda. Hence with the growth of Atlas Honda, Mumtaz engineering also flourish and now they have plants on a land of more than four acres. He further expressed that PAPS2015 has been a learning experience with a healthy atmosphere where individuals got a chance to interact and got to know what is exactly happening in the auto sector of Pakistan. He expressed his heartiest gratitude for the organizers of PAAPAM who worked day and night to make this event possible on a large scale.

Hi-Tech Lubricants Limited:

Mr. Fawad Nafees Siddiqui, the senior manager operations, said that they import lubricants from
Korea and the company operates across Pakistan with different offices in Islamabad, Karachi and
Lahore. The company has now become renowned due to which they experienced good interaction with
masses and specially with industrialists.
He further added that the potential in this country is immense but it has to adopt recent techniques and practices which are happening around the globe in order to progress.

Pakistan Accumulators Pvt Ltd.

Syed Aamir Abbas Zaidi, Head of Export of Pakistan Accumulators Pvt Ltd. (Volta and Osaka Batteries) claimed that they are the pioneers when it comes to manufacturing of automobile batteries in Pakistan. He also mentioned that their company has been receiving export trophy since last 10 years and they have contributed greatly in the economy of Pakistan by exporting nearly 1.5 million dollars annually. They have 7 regional offices across Pakistan and have actively been participating in auto sector events. He said that the show put up by PAAPAM has been a great effort to showcase the talent prevailing in the auto sector.