2021 Pakistan Auto Show postponed; new dates announced


Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers postponed the 2021 “Pakistan Auto Show-2021” in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak. The event was originally slated for July 2-5, 2021 at Karachi Expo Centre.

As per the association’s website www.paps.pk. the new dates for the show has been announced as 12- 14 November-2021. It is assumed that this future event will take place at the Karachi Expo Center on given dates, where postponed event has been planned.

Like other events around the country, the Karachi Auto Show is a great opportunity for attendees to witness many new vehicles all at one place, often without the hassle of dealing with sales personnel.

As per our sources most of the leading assemblers of cars, commercial vehicles and 2-3 wheelers have booked their spaces for this show while many leading parts manufacturers and accessories companies had booked spaces to exhibit their products.

Many Chinese companies had shown their interest and booked spaces. Organizer has planned to reserve a complete hall of Expo Center for the foreign exhibitors. Last year Chinese and foreign exhibitors could not attended the Pakistan Auto Show at Lahore due to the pandemic.

At Karachi Expo Centre, local government has established COVID-19 vaccine center since last month and due the ongoing vaccination process it will take a little longer to evacuate the center and availability of the hall for any current exhibitions.


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