83 elevators, 48 generators for Metro to arrive next week


As many as 83 elevators and escalators along with 48 generators for the Metro Bus stations will arrive from China next week, a senior official of Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) said.
“A total of 24 bus stations are being set up in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and each of them will have 18 platform doors, three elevators and escalators,” Rawalpindi Commissioner Zahid Saeed, who is also the Metro Bus project director said.
Around 432 electronic platform doors had already been imported, while the elevators and generators will arrive on December 30.
Saeed said the generators would be installed to run elevators, escalators and platform doors in the bus stations. The total cost of the elevators and escalators is around three billion rupees, he added.
The contractors, he said had already been asked to accelerate the import of glass sheets and other material for the establishment of bus stations. He said construction work on Metro Bus Service Project would continue round the clock adding that all efforts were being made to complete project at the given timeframe.
Starting from Flashman’s Resort Chowk in Rawalpindi, the Metro Bus Service Project will end at Pakistan Secretariat in Islamabad. The buses would cover a distance of around 23.2 kilometres through Benazir Bhutto Road, Faizabad, IJ Principal Road, 9th Avenue and Jinnah Avenue of Islamabad. Initially, 60 buses would ply between the twin cities, accommodating over 150,000 passengers