Another attempt to introduce electric cars in Pakistan


The world is steadily moving towards a sustainable future, and this means that the automobile industry shift will be towards emission-free cars – electric cars. The demand for electric vehicles has significantly increased in the past few years due to its eco-friendly qualities.

According to some stats, the global market for electric cars will reach 35% in the coming two decades. To keep the environment clean and safe and move with the rest of the world, the auto industry of Pakistan will eventually have to shift to the electric vehicles. Anticipating a huge demand in the Pakistani market as well, S. Zial-ul-Haq & Sons is bringing electric cars to Pakistan.

The group has already imported 4 Units in CBU condition of Chinese battery operated cars “CNEVROVER” brand in Karachi and more units are on the way to Pakistan, which are currently for R&D and testing phase, these are 3.5KW Electric Car, Lithium Battery, 4-passenger, Left Hand-drive.

The company is interested to assemble and manufacturer this car in future in Pakistan. According to Automark’s information from some reliable sources, the company is intended to build an assembly plant in Karachi for the manufacturing and assembling of Cnevrover electric cars.

Electric cars can bring the import bill down considerably in Pakistan as they run on a single electrical motor, not requiring additional costs of oiling and other expenses associated with the engine. The long term benefits of electric cars are many, but the investment needed for these cars to kick off in the market is significant, both on the part of manufacturers and the government.

Specs of the Car

Driven type: Rear drive
Brake system: Hydraulic disc brake
Motor cooling system: Air cooling
Motor: 70V 3.5KW AC
Battery: 12V/120Ah Lead-acid battery 6 pieces
Charging time: 6-8H
Charging type: External type charger, 220V
Controller: 3.5kW PMAC
Distance per charge 120-150kms, base on battery
Brake distance: 5-8 meters
Tire type: 175/70R12 aluminous wheel
Window Power window
Colors White and blue, grey red

  • above specification may not match with currently imported prducts

by Aqsa Mirza / Hanif Memon