Atlas Honda increases its bikes prices once again


Following the recent price increase by car makers, Pakistan’s leading bike manufacturer, Atlas Honda has also raised the prices of its bikes. The new prices of Honda bikes will be effective from 3rd October as per notification issued by company to dealer.

New prices are as follow:
• CD-70 PKR 65,900
• CD Dream PKR 69,900
• Honda Pridor PKR 91,400
• CB150F PKR 176,000

The previous prices were as follow:
• CD-70 PKR 65,500
• CD Dream PKR 68,900
• Honda Pridor PKR 90,900
• CB150F PKR 172,000

According to market sources, Atlas Honda is taking advantage due to rising demand for two-wheelers which was apparent from record-breaking sales and production in Pakistan’s history as compared to other two wheeler auto makers.

Atlas Honda sold 171,070 units in July/August month of 2018. United sold 68,185, Road Prince sold 28,181, Ravi sold 5,508, Suzuki sold 3,876 and Sazar sold 2,898 units during July/August month of 2018. This is evident from the stats that Atlas Honda is leading the market by its production and selling rate.

Market experts said that due to the depreciation of the rupee against the dollar, there has been an increase in the cost of imported spare parts, thus Atlas Honda has announced an increase in its prices to cater to the issue. Being the leader in manufacture and production of bikes in Pakistan, Honda bikes are the top choice for people.

By Aqsa Mirza