AuVitronics export auto parts to Toyota Vietnam


Pakistani auto part manufacturer AuVitronics has become a part of Toyota’s international supply chain

The auto industry in Pakistan has entered into a new era with AuVitronics Limited, a House of Habib company geared up to export the ‘Absorber FR Bumper’ to Toyota Motor Vietnam Co. Ltd. (TMV), joining the league of part suppliers in the Toyota global supply chain.

AuVitronics will export absorber FR bumpers to Toyota Vietnam, the Indus Motor Company said in a statement.
IMC, operating as Toyota Indus, is a Pakistani automobile manufacturer which is a subsidiary of Japanese multinational automaker Toyota. These parts are made of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) which will be installed in Corolla cars in the future.

“IMC has been striving for the development of the auto sector for last thirty consecutive years. We have fulfilled our commitment to the country and promoted the auto and engineering industry in Pakistan and today we are achieving new successes,” said CEO, IMC, Ali Asghar Jamali.

He added that now as part of the global supply chain of Toyota, they will further develop the industrial base of the country since IMC has already helped local vendors to have around 30 technical assistance agreements with foreign companies. He also added that the consistency in policies can only make long term export objective a reality. Government should nurture the industry and induct growth oriented interventions and generate revenue from higher volumes rather than increasing tax rates.

Meanwhile, AuVitronics Limited CEO Syed Abbas-ul-Hussaini said, “It is a great pleasure for Pakistan to become part of the global supply of Toyota and it is the beginning of a new era for the local auto industry as it has opened new export markets for the sector”.
“It has opened ways to international markets for the [Pakistani] automobile sector,” Hussaini added.