Be A Customer Service ROCK STAR


My purpose in this article is to present some of the key mindsets and metaphors that makes the dealership staff Customer Service ROCK STAR at dealership aims to further enhance excellence in Customer Delight
Are You Ready to Be A Customer Service ROCK STAR?

Customer Service ROCK STAR knows the quality processes in Sales, Service and Parts operations raise productivity, keep the sales & service staff, technicians efficient and ultimately, work to produce happy & delighted customers.

8 winning mindsets that I’ll reveal to help you be a Customer Service ROCK STAR neatly summarized by the acronym ROCK STAR. Reason behind acronyms, it hooks into your mind like a catchy pop song. So, you will never forget them. Work and live by this little well-known code that distills what a World class Customer Service ROCK STAR is all about and you are guaranteed breathe taking results.

R in ROCK STAR remind you about the importance of resourcefulness. Resourcefulness is using our wits, proper judgment and common sense to resolve customer’s complaints, problems and meet challenges at dealership floor.It is using initiative in difficult situations and involves thinking, creating, evaluating, classifying, observing and analyzing solutions to overcome the challenges at dealership. Resourcefulness is dreaming up ways to meet our goals. It’s all about within us, how we behave in a situation. “Hazrat Ali (RA) said, Get afraid from a problem is a big problem”.
O in the ROCK STAR stand for Organized.Daniel Carneigie said that “an hour of planning can save your 10 hours of doing. Daily Action Plan that allows Customer Service Rock Star to focus on what’s important and most importantly provide them the feelings of everything is under control necessary to suffocate any sign of anxiety or stress. Daily action plan for Customer Service ROCK STAR is not only a guide designed to eliminate the stress of uncertainty but also to motivate them to carry out a set actions that they have formulated as fully feasible.
C in the ROCK STAR stands for Challenger. Customer Service ROCK STAR always challenge the limits of his/her possibility to create delight in the sales/service process and inspire customers to experience the joy and excitement of self-transcendence in a unique way. Customer choices are fast changing.Dealership staff need to gear up with right skill sets to deliver in such a dynamic environment. ROCK STAR needs to think beyond the boundary and showcase the right attributes of skills sets, attitude and knowledge. Batter practices and adopting new approaches will define ROCK STAR’s perspective to make impossible a POSSIBILITY.


K in ROCK STAR stand for Keen Learner. Customer Service ROCK STAR always is on learning mode, take initiatives on personal and professional development throughskill enhancement, on job training and motivation thereby ensuring high level of customer satisfaction. ROCK STAR also attentive and learn from customer’s feedback that they received and considered to improve their personal performance.
S in the ROCK STAR stand for Service Driven.Customer always comes first. Customer Service ROCK STAR must be willing to go the extra mile to delight each and every customer. My Mantra for Customer Service ROCK STAR is neatly summarized by the acronym “SONG”. S stand for Serve, O stand of One Step Ahead, N stand for No Comparison and G stand for Give All. Every Customer Service ROCK STAR must sing his own SONG all the timeto delight the customer.
T in ROCK STAR stand for Team Player. Customer Service ROCK STAR understands the team/department’s goals and he know how his role supports team/department’s goal. He helps and encourage his teammates and don’t hog the credit for team wins. ROCK STAR keeps his/her commitment, communicate clear and value their teammates.
A in ROCK STAR stand for Adaptable:No day in dealership customer service is the same.Every customer is different and some may even seem to change week-to-week.In order to thrive in a constantly-changing environment, Customer Service ROCK STAR needs to adapt to their surroundings and be able to handle surprises, sense the customer mood and adapt accordingly.This also include a willingness to learn, providing good customer services at dealership floor is a continuous learning process.
R in ROCK STAR stand for Reliable. Customer Service ROCK STAR always goes extra miles ensuring high level of customer satisfaction with world-class experience at dealership floor.

This consistent mindset increases their reliability and trust in the eyes of customers. This mindset will not only result in an indebted and happy customer, it can also lead to higher customer retention and business sustainability.

Natural Metaphors For Customer Service ROCK STAR
I have mentioned below five natural Metaphors which Customer Service ROCK STAR must have:
FIRE: Customer Service ROCK STAR must have fire within. Fire gives ENERGY to perform.
WATER: Customer Service ROCK STAR must be like water. Water reflects FLEXIBILITY.
AIR: Air reflects ENVIRONMENT. Customer Service ROCK STAR must surround himself/herself with Positive and growing environment where he/she can grow more.
EARTH: Earth reflect GROUND to Paly. Customer ROCK STAR play hard on ground to deliver Results.

Customer Service ROCK STAR always Fly High and above the Sky.

Exclusive written by Moazzam Abu Bakar and published in Automark Magazine’s July-2019 printed edition.