Bike prices reach another high in Pakistan


Since October 2018, Atlas Honda has continued to increase its bike prices as the Rupee kept on devaluating against the Dollar. Yet again, the prices have increased up to Rs.6000 of various motorcycles including Atlas Honda and Yamaha.

The budget for fiscal year 2019-20 and increasing tax rates has a huge role to play in the increment of prices as the cost needs to pass on the customer at the end of the day, the Chairman Muhammad Sabir Shaikh mentioned. Even the Chinese companies have increased their prices in order to adjust the taxes that are levied in the new budget.

Moreover, the spare parts of motorcycles will also be taxed according to a statement released by the FBR stating that the parts will be taxed according to the motorcycle’s retail prices and not the custom’s value.

There was change in many models of Atlas Honda bike prices. Some of them are as follows:

  1. CD7O (red and black); from Rs70,900 to Rs73,900 with total sales tax of Rs10,737.
  2. CD7O Dream (red, black and silver); from Rs74,900 to Rs77,900 with total sales tax of Rs11,318.
  3. Pridor (red and black); from Rs96,900 to Rs100,500 with sales tax of Rs14,602
  4. CG125 (red and black); from Rs117,500 to Rs123,500 with sales tax of Rs17,944.
  5. CG125 Self (red and black); from Rs136,500 to Rs144,900 with sales tax of Rs21,053.
    Yamaha also followed through:
  6. YBR 125Z; from Rs127,500 to Rs130,500 with sales tax of Rs18,962
  7. YBR 125G; from Rs149,500 to Rs153,000 with sales tax of Rs22,231
  8. YBR 125; from Rs144,500 to Rs147,500 with sales tax of Rs21,432
    Therefore, it doesn’t seem like these prices will slow down anytime soon as the bike prices rise very frequently within a year.