Chinese truck manufacture interested in joining hands with Pakistani auto parts makers


By Hanif Memon

A high-profile Chinese delegation, representing Sinotruck Limited, visited the Pakistan Association of Auto Parts and Accessories Manufacturers’(PAAPAM) South Office here in Karachi to meet with senior members of the PAAPAM to discuss possible future ventures between the two countries for the manufacturing of trucks and their auto parts.The ten-member strong delegation was led by Mr. Wang from Sinotruck, while the delegation of PAAPAM was led by Chairman Mashood Ali Khan.  Members from Dysin Automobiles Pakistan and Paapam were also present.

Chairman and senior members of PAAPAM briefed their Chinese counterparts about the technologies, resources, and expertise of the Pakistani parts manufacturers in the field of trucks and the production of their auto parts. The Chinese members were also told about the growing auto industry of Pakistan, and how it is already heavily involved in the production of motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks, and in the production and assembling of their auto parts. Wang  spoke of his desire and interest to utilize Pakistani expertise and labor in the production of auto parts for their trucks. Moreover, he said that they were interested in setting up a production plant for trucks in Pakistan and wants to be involved in successful businesses with Pakistan for years to come.

Members of PAAPAM invited the Chinese members to visit their plants, and to create a link where Pakistani members could visit their Chinese friends and learn from them about the latest technologies and utility of labor.