Comfortable and safe buses for Pilgrims in Madinah Munawarah


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Recently, in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah an excellent alternative transport services has been introduced by Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah Development Authority, A project of the Jawlah company for pilgrims and other visitors. There are two types of buses which are travelling from Haram-e-Nabawi different Islamic historical sites.

A colorful red bus (Hop on – Hop Off) has been introduced very recently. Bus takes travelers to 12 historical places across the city with the facility of listing electronic tourist guides details about the place in 16 different languages and free Wi-Fi service also available during travel.
Both buses are running almost 16 hours throughout the year, the first bus is a Worldwide branded “City Sightseeing” double-decker air-conditioned buses equipped with amenities and safety features with accessible for people with special needs. It is a flexible way to travel as the buses also facilitate visits according to the visitors throughout Medinah. It is a global brand providing high-quality service. This bus is successful in more than 105 cities around the world. The tickets are valid for 24 hours and can be used for more than one travel. The tour buses leave every 15 minutes from Masjid Al-Nabawi (in front of gate no. 22).

The cost of this ride is little expensive for general visitors but still it’s a unique experience and availability of this type of service in Saudi Arabia. However, local residents are quite happy and satisfied with this excelled world class service.

The “Green Bus” which has been introduced two years back for the same purpose, also takes pilgrims to very few famous Islamic historical sites. Around 15 Chinese Zhong Tong branded buses are operating on these routes. Quality of the buses is excellent with air-conditioned environment. Each individual seat has safety-belt and rest position option. The bus equipped with latest available options and a card reader to validate travel card digitally, while cars are available with drivers too.

This 40 seats bus has a capacity of around 60 passengers. The operator charged SR 3 initially when this service has been started, however now the cost “Zyara Pass” has increased to SR 10 for a one day pass which can be used for more the one travel during 24 hours, while they offered SR 15 and SR 30 cards with some different options.
Both of these buses are getting popular with the pilgrims and visitors but it take a little more time as most of the visitors are visiting city Islamic historical sites with the groups when they came to Medinah.

While talking with Automark Mustafa Khojah, Senior marketing & Sales Executive of the operator company says, ‘These buses, especially City Sightseeing buses are very familiar with the visitors and they are happy with the flexibility of the rides and they can manage their visits according to their availability and get rid from traditional headache of transportation.’ He encourages and asks pilgrims and religious visitors to use these latest transportation and visit these places in Madinah with ease, comfort and safe journey.

However, it’s really a surprise for me being a regular traveler and had been in Kingdom for 15 years that they have establish this kind of public transport for individual while they have very good transport systems for groups pilgrims in Umrah and Hajj season.

In my personal experience, travelling with “Green Bus” in the last week of my trip to Medinah was unexpectedly good however the management needs a friendlier staff and better customer care/support . Most of the visitors are unknown about this type of service. They further need to highlight clearer information about bus routes. Good management will give fruitful results and provide better journey for pilgrims.

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