DICE introduces first ‘Made in Pakistan’ Car



DICE has launched the concept design of its Demo car that will not be a production car – and you can see why.  DICE is a non for profit organisation that brings together the talent in Pakistan with those expatriates living in various parts of the world earning expertise in the field of Automotive Engineering. Their role is to build a platform where new horizons for country’s economy can be explored. 

Targeting the urban market, the foundations are tasked primarily with supporting a car that needs to be good ride and efficient in economy.  This DICE demo car is compact in design and will be available in 2 variants, ICE and BEV.

The brains behind this concept are the team members of DICE Automotive segment from US, UK, Canada and Germany and technological support from academic Institutes of Pakistan like NUST, NED, NCA, CUST and DHA Karachi Suffa and Industrial support is provided by TechnikNayyer.

The model revealed in Karachi this October is a non-functional model setting the design concept. 

Their next step is to build two Test prototypes for internal combustion Engine and Battery Electric Variant. These engineering models will take almost one and a half year to build provided they receive required funding for their project, which is around approx, PKR 30 Million.

The car is design for a small family and will be capable to seat three adults. Pricing of the car cannot be revealed at the moment but the target is to make it cheaper than what’s currently available in this segment. The price for BEV Variant will be 30 – 40 % more than ICE variant.

Chassis components of prototype have already been designed along with electrical subsystems. Designs for Battery Electric Variant are also completed. CAD designs and CAE simulations are being developed pre prototype.

It’s a positive way forward for engineering prospects in Pakistan. And by looking at the design and engineering planning we can say that the day is not far away when we will see the Automotive business flourishing in Pakistan.


BEV Variant specifics/targets

  • Range of 150km on full charge.
  •  V-max 125kmph. 
  • Capable of maintaining 120kmph cruise.
  • Battery – Li-Ion chemistry.  ~25Kwh.  Packaged in tunnel and in fuel tank space.
  •  DC induction motor
  •  Full charge in 8 hours from household outlet
  •  Rapid charge in 30 minutes to 75% charge
  •  Potentially a solar solution for charging at home with car used as UPS.

 ICE Variant specifics/targets

  • 660cc Daihatsu engine for demo car
  •  ~20km/liter fuel economy
  •  V-max >150kmph. Capable of 120kmph cruise.


  • Ground clearance 150mm fully loaded. McPherson strut front.  Torsion bar rear.
  •  4-wheel disc brakes for demo.  Production may be drums in the back.


  • Power Assist for demo.  Optional  for production.
  • Turning circle – ~9.5m


  • Air Conditioning – Maintain 25deg C inside in 45 deg C outside temp when stationary 
  • Digital display – replaceable 
  • Power windows 
  • LED lights for demo.  Optional for production. 
  • Airbags – not in demo but planned for production