Enjoy a wonderful car life: JAC shines at the 2019 Macau Auto Show


On October 25th, the 9th China (Macau) International Automobile Expo kicked off at the Venetian Macao Convention and Exhibition Center in Macau. As the core strength of China’s self-owned vehicle brand, JAC debuted for ninth times constantly. This time, it took six star models to amaze the audience with the latest achievements of new energy, right-wheel “heavy”and “brand upgrading”products, aiming to bring global users a safer, smarter and more comfortable travel solutions to create a green and wonderful car life.

Differentiate to meet customer needs and share green and wonderful car life

In order to better protect the blue sky and embrace the green future, JAC continues to explore new technologies for energy conservation and environmental protection, creating a better green life for customers. At this auto show, JAC’s new energy products include commercial and passenger vehicles, to fully meet the green needs of different customer groups.

For customers with household needs, JAC has brought the latest model of its new energy passenger car, long battery life pure electric SUV—iEVS4. In terms of endurance, iEVS4 is the first pure electric vehicles in China to break through the endurance distance of 470km under the comprehensive driving conditions, and the maximum endurance range is up to 600km; in battery life, the maximum mileage of 1 million kilometers can be realized, which can completely cover the whole vehicle’s life cycle; in terms of safety performance, after 3 years and 1700 times simulated thermal runaway test development, the first breakthrough in the country was finished, from the five levels including the battery core, simple module, multi-string module, battery pack and the whole vehicle, the test forced trigger monomer thermal runaway to achieve that battery pack does not explode and fire, combined with the world’s leading new generation of liquid cooling and eliminate battery risks; in terms of quality improvement, through the joint production with JV, the adjustment by VW expert and the high quality obtained by the German Volkswagen VDA quality standards, iEVS4 provides users with a more comfortable travel solution. In terms of intelligent configuration, iEVS4 is equipped with a new generation of Internet of Vehicle 3.0 system, which truly realizes the deep dialogue between people and vehicles and it has new network functions like checking and booking a trip schedule, in addition to the traditional functions of voice control navigation, air conditioning, music, search, emergency rescue, etc., which make the travel life more exciting.

For customers with commercial needs, JAC brings its high-end electric truck-i5 electric light truck. It integrates the superior resources of the two domestic high-end R&D platforms of JAC light truck and JAC pure electric vehicle. The i5 electric light truck adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, which has the advantages of higher safety performance, longer life, better performance under low temperature, light weight and environmental protection. With permanent magnet synchronous engine, its peak power can reach 130kW, bringing the highest speed to over 90km/h, the 0-50km/h acceleration time less than 15s. It can support 180km driving disatance; 30% maximum climbing makes it easy to face with the test of various steep slopes; i5 uses honeycomb panels light-weight cargo with a volume of 14 cubic meters, which can meet the distribution of urban logistics feeders. i5 right-wheel electric light truck was showed in the exhibition, which will more specifically meet the needs of users in right-wheel vehicle countries and regions such as Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia.

To balance the needs of customers for home and business, JAC has given a travel solution for the T8-EV pure electric pickup. The T8-EV is the latest masterpiece of JAC’s new energy commercial vehicle, combining the advantages of reliability, safety, economy and long distance mileage. The whole vehicle adopts the bird cage body structure design, and uses high-strength steel in 43% proportion. The structural strength of the body is designed according to the C-NCAP collision standard, and the super-strength front anti-collision beam and the side anti-collision beam are always protecting the vehicle. In terms of power, the vehicle is equipped with Guoxuan lithium iron phosphate battery with a power of 67.2kWh and a peak power of 110kW. The power does not lower than the traditional pickup, which can fully meet the transportation needs of the city. In the commercial needs, the T8-EV has outstanding applicability in dealing with municipal, construction, telecom power repair, logistics and transportation. For the out-of-home travel, the T8-EV has the comfort feature like a passenger car, the economy of an electric car and the load-bearing and dynamic feature of a truck, which can make users enjoy the “family happiness”.

Courtesy: Automotive World