FAW V2 now with “BOLD BLACK” Themed Interior


Al-Haj FAW Motors introduced the 1st Generation FAW V2 in 2014. The car offers a plenty of innovative features both in the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Now, for the first time, the company is adding the new and improved feature to the car. The Black coloured interior is introduced in the car just to give it a fresh and richer look. Previously, the interior was of the light colour. Indicators/Wipers switches are being swapped, as Pakistani users are more comfortable with these types of combinations. Besides these improvements, other quality features are also being introduced that will overall increase the efficiency, Durability and performance of the car.

FAW Group Corporation is a Chinese Automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Changchun, Jilin, China. It mainly manufactures automobiles including buses; light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks; and auto parts.

Analyzing features of V2

The very first thing unique to this car is that it comes in 4 in 1 package i.e power, mileage, safety and space. The 1st Generation FAW V2 was introduced in Pakistan in 2014 and assembly started in Pakistan in the latter half of 2017. Not only that, Chinese FAW Group has developed with cutting-edge safety apparatus. There are Electronic Airbags both for driver and passenger. The efficient ABS + EBD brake system is furnished with the great feature of ‘failure warning’. Other prominent features of the car are Electric power windows, High Rigidity body cage, alloy wheels, Barrel type Inst. Panel and, LED Tale light etc. The FAW V2 2018 price in Pakistan is Rs.12.04 lacs which are fairly low when compared to other cars in the same class available in the local market. It comes in five body colours: crimson, black, tan, white and silver. It means even the individuals having middle and lower-middle-class economic status can easily afford it without putting an extra burden on their financial capacity.

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Luxurious, Spacious Interior
Despite incredibly low FAW V2 price in Pakistan, the vehicle is designed to give you full luxury, safety and space. The innovative styling and furnishing of seats are such that the passengers will get maximum comfort on their long and tiresome journeys. Meanwhile, various functionalities are powered by electronic systems. For an instance, there are Electric Power Windows and the Power Steering.

Trendy & Sophisticated Exterior

As on any other part of the car, the manufacturers have paid very special attention to the design and look of the exterior. Every nook and corner is full of finesse and modernity. It probably won’t be wrong to say that the vehicle has got a jaw-dropping appearance. There is a presence overhead antenna, aluminium alloy rims, body coloured front and rear bumpers, body coloured door handles, and so on.

FAW V2 is getting popular in Pakistan die to its low maintenance and high performance despite the fact that it is a 1.3 liter Hatchback.

With all the features it offers, V2 is probably the Best Valued Hatchback in Pakistan.