First ‘Changan Alsvin Sedan Car’ Line-off Ceremony held at Karachi Plant

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Master motors have released their first sedan in the line of car ceremony held in their Karachi plant today. They first exhibited the car on Friday 11 December 2020 in a media press conference held in Karachi.

Changan Alsvin is a sedan car; it is the first Chinese sedan which has been brought to Pakistan in CKD formation. Usually, all new vehicles are brought in CBU form and sold in limited units before they are brought in CKD form. This also means that Pakistani motor enthusiasts will be able to get a vehicle that hasn’t been driven before by buyers. Moreover, the spare parts of the cars will be available easily in the market.

Changan is a Chinese state-owned automobile manufacturer that is headquartered in Chongqing. The Chinese company will operate in partnership with Master Company. Master company is based in Pakistan, which has established a $100 million plant in Karachi at port Qasim Area.

According to sources, the Master company plant has the capacity to produce 30,000 units in a year. The company has over seventeen dealerships in Pakistan.

Talking to the media on the occasion of media press conference on last week , Master Company CEO Danial Malik said, “We plan to expand our dealerships in Pakistan, hopefully, bring the number up to twenty-five.”

According to rumors, the Changan will be priced somewhere around PKR 2.3 million; meanwhile, the variant will be around PKR 2.5 million. The prices will be revealed in January when the car is opened for bookings.

Malik said, “That they are targeting the hatchback consumers who previously used ‘imported hatchbacks.’ As compared to current hatchback options in the Pakistani auto market, the Changan will offer better and more features. Alsvin is the current generation model, and we plan to introduce Changan models that are the latest in the global market. Booking will be start in January 2021”, he said.

He further implied, “Master motor isn’t a car cartel, and the goal is to give the customer’s choice so that they can decide based on cars performance and compatibility rather than price or segment.”

Things finally seem to be looking up for the automobile industry, especially after the downfall caused by Covid-19.

Customers seem to be excited and hoping that the car would be placed around the price point of 2 million. Hopefully, these new joint ventures entering the market will finally break the monotony created by the two leading car dealers in Pakistan.