Japanese Used Car Import Guide


In Pakistan, used car imports have been on a rise for more than five years in a row. In FY2016 alone more than 43,000 used cars were imported to Pakistan up from around 28,000 used car imports in FY2015. These imports have been made mostly by big dealers who also happen to have offices in Japan which purchase the car, initiate import and then sell them here in Pakistan. PakWheels.com provided comprehensive information about Used Car Importers in Pakistan; you can import your favorite car at PakWheels.com


So the question that pops in the head is: How can you import one by yourself?

Part 1: Selection

Step1: Used cars in Japan are mostly auctioned at auction houses which can be tracked online through various auction sites live. Your safest bet is to find an auction website and sign up.

Step2: Search for the car you are looking for. The search process is also similar to any other classifieds website.

Step3: Once you have found the car you want to import, look for its auction sheet which provides a concise grading for the car. Moreover, the page also mentions its auction date and auction house.

Part 2: Purchasing the car offshore

Step1: Now if you are genuinely interested in getting the car imported, you will need to deposit a refundable payment of around USD 1000 to the company’s account (this amount may vary depending on the company you use) this amount is refunded in case you do not win the auction of the car.

Step2: Once you make the payment, you will be granted access to bid on the cars available for auction online.

Step3: After you have placed the bid for your desired car, you will be intimated by your company on the auction date regarding results of the auction.

Step4: Now if you win the auction, your company would ask you to pay the difference between the upfront deposit and the winning auction price. In addition to this, you will be requested to pay for the C&F or Cost and Freight charges. C&F charges are less than 10% of your winning bid.

Note: If you didn’t win the auction you would need to repeat the steps listed before.

Part 3: Importing the car things to note!

1)    Once the payments have been confirmed, your company would send the original documents of your car via courier before car’s shipment

2)    After payment, the car is sent to the inspection office for a final review which can take up to five days

3)     Delivery takes around 15 days to reach Karachi Port

4)    A customs agent needs to be hired to handle the process of customs clearance along with the payment of passport fees and port charges.


By Adan Ali


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