Karachi’s Drainage System Gets a Boost 38 Advanced Suction Vehicles Unveiled for Urban Development


I recently had the opportunity to attend the ceremony for the handover of 38 suction vehicles to the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) by the Sindh Government, and it was a remarkable experience. The revelation that these advanced vehicles were locally manufactured by Meraj Limited, a Pakistani company, not only surprised me but also instilled a sense of pride in the potential and capabilities of our domestic

The introduction of these 38 advanced jetting and suction machines by Meraj Limited represents a significant leap in addressing Karachi’s longstanding drainage challenges, aligning seamlessly with the city’s developmental agenda. Equipped with Euro 2 engines and imported pumps from Italy, these vehicles not only bring cutting-edge technology but also offer a cost-effective solution to the growing demands of a city grappling with population growth and urban development.

The capacity of 7000 litres and the efficiency in unclogging severe sewage blockages underscore the efficacy of these locally produced machines. Meraj Limited’s role in this initiative sheds light on the importance of fostering and supporting local industries. By manufacturing specialized vehicles within the country, Meraj Limited contributes not only to immediate problem-solving but also to long-term economic sustainability by saving costs that would otherwise be incurred through importing similar machinery.

The Sindh Government’s decision to support Pakistani enterprises, exemplified by choosing Meraj Limited for this project, is commendable. Beyond addressing crucial infrastructure needs, this collaboration contributes to the growth and sustainability of local industries, aligning with the broader vision of promoting self-sufficiency and recognizing the intrinsic value of indigenous products.
In a time where imports often dominate, the utilization of locally manufactured vehicles for vital tasks signifies a positive shift. This move not only bolsters the national economy but also showcases the competency of Pakistani companies, such as Meraj Limited, in producing high-quality, advanced machinery.
In conclusion, the ceremony not only offered valuable insights but also underscored the commendable commitment of the Sindh Government towards the betterment of Karachi. The collaborative effort stands as a shining example of proactive governance, showcasing the immense potential within Pakistan to address its challenges domestically. This strategic partnership not only fosters national pride but also positions Karachi on a trajectory of sustained progress, highlighting the pivotal role of local initiatives in steering the city towards a brighter and more self-reliant future.