NHMP Training College & ADCR Launch Advanced Crash Investigation Course


In order to improve the traffic culture of Pakistan, the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP), recently launched an advanced training course with the collaboration of Automotive Design and Crashworthiness Research on the modern methods of crash investigations at NHMP Training College, Sheikhupura for its master trainers and senior most field officers.

The training encompasses the most modern methods of crash investigations including digital forensics and wreckage forensics.This is expected to help the investigation team to identify, inspects, analysis, and preserves the digital evidence contained in various types of electronic devices.

Crashes repeat themselves! It is often observed that history is inevitably prone to repeat itself, careless drivers are involved in repeated crashes. Until and unless all factors are not thoroughly investigated and preventive safety measures on the road, vehicle and users are not taken, they are bound to happen again and again. Proper meticulous crash investigations hence become paramount in the greater interest of public safety on the roads.

In the last 2 years, Pakistan lost 28,612 precious lives in COVID-19 Pandemic. In the same duration, Pakistan lost nearly 70,000 equally precious lives in traffic crashes. While there are immense measures and precautions being taken regarding the covid-19 prevention where the world has revolutionized over this time period, crash deaths still take the back seat in our priorities.

A paradigm shift is needed: The National Highways and Motorways police has not only been a trendsetter in changing police culture but also been a torchbearer in road safety. The department is distinguished and lauded for its professionalism, dedication and honesty. Since the inception NHMP is an icon of excellence due to its commitment and devotion to ensure safety on roads.

About the advance crash investigation course
Advanced Crash Investigation Course is such a good initiative to ensure safety on roads.
NHMP in this regard collaborated with ADCR team to conduct training on Advanced Crash Investigation at NHMP training college, Sheikhupura. The training was the vision of Mehboob Aslam,DIG/Commandant, NHMP training College and Naseem Abbas, DSP training. In these 4 days of training, the top field formation of NHMP were taught new techniques regarding the crash investigation by the ADCR team under the supervision of Dr. Omer Masood Qureshi. Training consisted of many new techniques such as speed estimation methodology, clock point diagram, tire failure analysis, etc.

This joint initiative by NHMP and ADCR will prepare the officers for responding to potential crash investigations on spot. Such training is important in order to cope up with the pace of the modern world. Like NHMP, Pakistan’s other safety institutes and transport companies should also take such initiatives so that roads and vehicles can be made safer for people to use. Constant efforts are required to push our boundaries otherwise we will be left behind in this race to achieve excellence to provide a safe and secure road usage environment for all road users.

This exclusive report published in Automark Magazine’s of April-2022