Nissan introduces new retail concept at dealerships worldwide

Nissan plans to implement the new retail concept at all dealerships worldwide for improved customer experiences and global brand

Renovations at more than 9,000 dealerships will offer improved customer services within a globally consistent brand experience

YOKOHAMA, Japan (April 20, 2018) – Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. plans to introduce a new retail concept to dealerships around the world to improve customer services within a globally consistent brand experience, in response to diversifying expectations and lifestyles.
All Nissan-brand dealerships will be encouraged to align with the Nissan Retail Concept, or NRC. The new concept aims to improve all aspects of the customer experience at Nissan dealerships, including facility design, service process and digital environment. More than 400 dealerships in 30 countries have already made the change. Nissan aims to implement NRC at more than 9,000 dealerships in more than 170 countries by the end of fiscal year 2022.
Dealerships aligned with the Nissan Retail Concept feature a number of new design elements, such as an exterior with the familiar red Nissan signage and an exclusive delivery area that enhances the exciting moment when customers receive their vehicle. Customers will also be able to learn about Nissan cars using a digital car configurator and navigate through the service process on salespeople’s tablet computers. NRC also incorporates the Nissan brand’s key elements, such as Nissan Intelligent Mobility, electric vehicles, light commercial vehicles and the NISMO performance sub-brand.
NRC has been rolled out in North America, Europe and China. Beginning this fiscal year, Nissan is renovating dealerships in Japan, and the company will continue carrying out NRC in tandem with efforts to optimize its sales network.
“The relationship between dealers and customers is changing, with customers expecting a more digital and customized experience. So Nissan is proud to introduce a new retail concept to deliver these exciting and diverse customer experiences worldwide,” said Daniele Schillaci, executive vice president for global marketing and sales at Nissan. “The Nissan Retail Concept will improve all aspects of a customer’s experience, from the minute they arrive at a Nissan-brand dealer until the moment they hopefully drive away in their new Nissan.” – PR


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