PAAPAM delegation leaving for USA to introduce Pakistani automotive parts


For the first time in the history of country, Pakistan Association of Automobile Parts and Accessories will be exhibiting at the Distinguished Innovations, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship (DICE) exhibition which is going to be held in Sheraton Michigan, United States. DICE is an umbrella program under which there are many platforms actively working. The main objective of these platforms is to jump start cycle of innovation in the country necessary for its sustainable growth, progress and economic prosperity.

DICE is the oldest innovation platform in Pakistan and is being fully supported by major stakeholders since 2007. The exhibition will be on 25th May while next day will be an arrangement for B2B meetings, while before the exhibition the PAAPAM delegation is going to visit Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) and Ford Car production planton 24 May, they will invite OEM representative to attend the exhibition and see the products made by Pakistani vendors. PAAPAM members will also meet the local community to encourage them to invest in Pakistan, while law and order situation is much better than previously.

The main aim to attend this exhibition and visit the OEM, is to promote the export of Pakistani auto parts and accessories in the international market. The delegation will be led by Mashood Ali Khan who is the senior vice chairman of PAAPAM. The delegation is going to meet OEM tier 1 and tier 2 to brief them about the parts Pakistan can provide.

There are almost 14 Pakistani companies with 24 representative are participating in this delegation, namely: Mehran Commercial, Sherani Engineering, Faraz Industries, Auvitronics, Thal Ltd., AgriAuto Industries, Razi Sons, Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories, Noor Engineering, Yusuf Auto industries (Pvt) Ltd, Sigma Industries, Rubatech, Load Limited, Skyhigh Industries (Pvt) Ltd and General Engineering Industries.

The companies are motivated and see huge potential for Pakistani automobile spare parts and accessories in the international market. Therefore members are bearing the cost on their own. The companies have no financial support from the government however it is seen that the government of Pakistan is making positive and welcoming policies for foreign investors. The very big step taken by the government is the CPEC which is bringing in many international investors into the Pakistani market. Pakistani vendorsare already exporting auto parts to almost 40 countries across the world.

As the major goals of DICE states is to share and collaborate innovative concepts and products. Through transfer of knowledge and technology, a company can make better products and export better products. This is going to improve the economy of the country. Another major goal is to make the world aware of different variety of products produced by different companies in different countries all around the globe, which are not widely known.

A lot of effort has been done by members of DICE foundation and PAAPAM to manage this trp. The participants are determined to attend the exhibition and are hopeful to receive orders from different companies operating all around the globe.