Pak Suzuki Motors introducing back CNG fitted cars in Pakistan by next few months


It has been largely believed that the government banned installation of CNG kits in zero meter cars due to shortage of compressed natural gas. The shortage of CNG was seen largely because of the increasing prices of oil and people therefore opting for alternates. The unavailability of CNG due to the huge increase in demand forced the government to finally ban CNG kits in zero meter cars.
Pakistani automakers had stopped booking of CNG versions of Mehran, Alto, Bolan, Coure and Corolla when government banned imports of CNG kits and cylinders in January-2012.
Suzuki on the other hand has been trying to lift this ban and through sources it has been revealed that the automaker has been able to convince the government. To all those out there, it’s a good news as Suzuki is going to start providing CNG kits in their zero meter vehicles. Suzuki is the one who is going to benefit the most out of it as compared to Toyota and Honda for obvious reasons.
Through sources it has been revealed that Suzuki is going to start installing CNG kits in Mehran which will later be followed by Cultus. About the Wagon R, Its showed that it’s not going to be provided anytime soon but you never know when there is a change of plan by the automaker.
The allowance of CNG kits to be installed in zero meter Suzuki cars is a double-edged knife, one showing that CNG is going to be available whereas the other edge gives a hint of increasing oil prices, not in the international market but in Pakistan only.
The market sources said that consumers, who used to rely on factory fitted CNG vehicle, would now feel happy after the government decision to allow car assemblers to install company fitted CNG kits in cars, like CNG Mehran.
Please discuss your views on lifting this ban by the government and share your thoughts of what can be done by the government in this matter.