Pakistan Auto Show-2020: Feb 21-23 at Lahore International Expo Center


The largest exhibition of automobiles in the country – The Pakistan Auto Show 2020 (PAS-2020) is being held on 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of February 2020, at Lahore International Expo Center. It is a valuable initiative of the ‘Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers’ (PAAPAM), representing over 3000 large, medium & small industries from all over Pakistan. The theme of this year’s PAPS show is; “MAKE IN PAKISTAN”. More than 100,000 local visitors are expected to see renowned companies from; Japan, Germany, Korea, China, France, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, England USA, UAE and Sri Lanka, while over 400 international visitors, including 150 global buyers and delegations will be there too. More than 100 exhibitors, including 10 international enterprises and 90 domestic companies will display their brands and services on 38,666 square feet. The show is supported by the Engineering Development Board, while the sponsors include: Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Master Motors, Sazgar Engineering, Millat Tractors and many other local vendors.

The diverse categories of exhibitors will include; passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors, rickshaws, motorcycles, auto parts manufacturers, services providers, machinery makers, tool-makers, antique cars and heavy motorbikes along with related service industries like accessories, Tracking & insurance, etc. The general public is invited to visit the show between 10 AM and 7:00 PM, to see the fascinating innovations and cutting-edge technologies from the best institutions and projects, delivering great advantages for the consumers. While highlighting CSR, traffic-safety and public awareness campaigns, a FREE Exhibitors’ Directory will also be distributed among the visitors.

The quantum of local parts used for domestic car-assembly has risen substantially over the last 10 years, raising Pakistan among the top 40 automobile-manufacturing countries, while our auto sector is among the top-3 tax-contributors to the government treasury and nearly 34% of the cost of a locally-produced car is paid as taxes. Currently, four out of the top 10 global automobile companies have production plants in Pakistan, including; Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, FAW, KIA and Hyundai soon to be followed by other big names like Malaysian Proton, Volkswagen and BAIC by Sazgar Engineering.

Chairman of Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) – Capt. (R) Muhammad Akram stated: “Implementation of stringent policies and monitoring by the government will ensure that only overseas Pakistanis can benefit from used-car import schemes. Foreign companies should be inspired to invest more, transfer technologies and “Make in Pakistan” for faster economic progress.

The senior vice chairman of PAAPAM –Saad Sherani stated, “The global automobile manufacturers are showing keen interest in Pakistan, as the demand for quality automobiles has risen rapidly in this emerging market, with a lot of unexplored potential. This show will further strengthen the investors’ confidence, to increase Foreign Direct Investments.”

Chief Organizer of Pakistan Auto Show 2020 and former chairman of PAAPAM – Syed Nabeel Hashmi commented; “The Pakistan Auto Show is now recognized as the most resourceful platform for sustainable enrichment of the Automobile industry. The regulators and stakeholders will come together once again, to explore the way forward, while finding solutions and exploring opportunities, while globally promoting Pakistan as a credible brand.”