Pakistan Road Safety Conference on 5th September 2018 in Lahore by Institute of Road Safety Traffic Environment Pakistan


Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqi, Secretary Minister of Communications, government of Pakistan will be honourable chief guest of the conference.While, Honda car is the main sponsor of the event.

The motto of the conference is Safe Journey for all. The conference is aimed to discuss different steps necessary for drivers and passengers road safety like road safety management, safer roads and mobility, safer vehicles, safer road users and post crash response.

Road safety is a global issue and unfortunately over 25,000 people die in Pakistan annually due to road accident and poor traffic negligence. While thousands other are seriously injured and many are disabling for life. This figure is quite alarming and even more alarming is the trend and the attitude people have about roady safety measures. If awareness about roady safety and traffic rules is not given properly, the number of people killed and injured on our roads will be grown double in coming years and that will become burden of cost to family, society, economy and government.

IRSTEP is committed to achieve the goal by addressing following points of roads safety:

1. Road knowledge
2. Influence road safety
3. Influence road user behaviour
4. Improve fuel efficient driving

Moreover, IRSTEP believes that road death and injury is preventable if we follow certain driving and traffic rules. IRSTEP has also encouraged, organized and supported several workshops, seminars and conferences regarding road safety and this conference will surely be another good move to create awareness about driving and traffic rules and how to deal with post crash response.

Earlier, IRSTEP organized the third Automotive Summit 2018 on February 22 in Lahore, where they highlighted various steps related to road accidents and consumers safety and the role of academic institutions in this regard. The theme of the conference was to promote safety today to ensure a secure future for everyone. The main sponsor of the event was Honda Atlas Cars while backup support was provided by United Motors, New Asia Motors and Servis Industries.

The role of Honda Atlas Cars is laudable as they are the main sponsors of the both events. The company is also highlighting and encouraging various steps necessary for road safety and creating awareness in public related to traffic rules and regulations. More auto companies should come forward and play their key role in addressing road safety measures and help implementing traffic rules.

by Aqsa Mirza