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The passenger car segment in Pakistan has been pre dominated and monopolized by Japanese based OEM’s. The prior efforts to introduce and expand the competition till this very instant have been not very successful either due to the lack of Brand Recognition and Brand Prestige, Quality flaws in the products introduced or failure of establishment of Aftersales network. Previous attempts made belonged to both globally recognized brands as well as local industrial tycoons however all have had to bite the dust till this point on.
Al-HajFAW is a brand name which is well known in the heavy vehicle and trucking sector of Pakistan after having established its strong hold as the major shareholder in the Pakistani market and breaking the back of monopolistic industry. Until this very instant, Al-HajFAW has not made a serious push into the passenger car segment the only previous effort made from Al-HajFAW includes the introduction of passenger carriers named X-PV; however, with the introduction of FAWV2 the Chinese backed OEM has now placed its first foot hold in the car segment of Pakistan..
The V2 is based on a small hatchback platform based on Toyota Vitz, however the package on offer is a brilliant surprise.
Starting from the power plant the car is equipped with a 1.3L EFI engine equipped with VCT-i more commonly known to us as VVT or electronically controlled Variable valve timing, this technology is 100% acquired from Internationally very known Japanese brand. This means that the engine churns out 90bhp and that too with the availability of power and torque throughout the entire RPM band while not compromising the fuel economy. Claims for the approximated theoretical fuel economy have been made by the official FAW personnel to be somewhere around 16 Km/l however practical testing has revealed the fuel economy figures of around 11-13 Km/l depending obviously on the driving conditions and the accessories used by the driver.
The exterior is not as aesthetically appealing as compared to the stylish rival hatchbacks, however acloser observation reveals features that are eye catching and worth having. The tail lamps comprise of LED illumination while the car comes equipped with standard High Mount tail lamp mounted on rear spoiler featured alongside with the turn signal lamps available on the side view mirrors. The next big attraction is the standard 6 spoke alloy wheels that illuminate the exterior package.
When it comes to features of interior, the V2 surprises us with excellent illumination of the central console coupled with the barrel type instrument panel which houses the speedometer and tachometer. When it comes to electronic featuresV2 is fully equipped with the standard features one could possibly imagine within a local top end model. V2 comes with standard power windows and central locking features. The car also comes equipped with power steering for the ease of maneuvering across the urban environment.
For any car being spacious is a must these days. The height of the car is suitable enough to accommodate the tallest of passengers while the interior has enough room to easily accommodate 5 passengers. Talking about the boot, the space provided is comparable to the rival hatchbacks.
Safety is a prime concern of any family man willing to go for the purchase of any vehicle. The car comes equipped with standard twin frontal Airbags for driver and passenger not forgetting the fact that Seatbelts come as standard for all four passengers. The USP of the vehicle is availability of standard built in Crash door beams which reduce the body crumble in case of a side impact. This feature is found as an option in the prestige vehicles on offer by our local OEMS. FAW V2 also comes equipped with Bosch ABS and EBDsystems which ensure that braking effort is optimized even for the naive drivers.
The driving comfort is assured as the car houses independent suspension for all four wheels. This means that handling the odd pot holes and speed bumps is a charm and the passenger remains isolated from the resulting harm. With the local Emission standards compliance a necessity as per the instructions of EPA, the V2 comes with a Euro 4 emission rating standard, which outmatches most of its rivals.
As far as my personal perspectives are concerned, the V2 is fairly reasonable when it comes to comparison in between the imported vehicles, the V2 should be a better option. What we have observed in the past is a fact that though the imported used cars is worth buying only however when it comes to the availability and cost of spares the customer is left in tears. For the V2, this won’t be a problem as the vehicle comes from an already established OEM in Pakistan and it is certain that the customer would be able to find the spare parts at the nationwide 3Sdealerships network, if not road side vendors. So for those considering imported used car purchase in the near future due to additional features and performance on offer at an affordable price, it is recommended that they go for aVizi V2 test drive which won’t disappoint for sure amid their expectations.
We have to keep the fact in mind that European Automotive sector has clearly claimed that the streets of Europe would start pouring with Chinese based passenger cars within a matter of five years based on study that the Economic giant has taken over the manufacturing industry of the world. Considering this fact we have to consider the case of FAW V2 seriously. If the Chinese based cars would be able to take over the western world within a short time based on the fact that the product and manufacturing quality over the time has increased drastically while keeping the costs fairly very reasonable to the global competition mainly Japanese and Korean why isn’t it possible that they could establish a stronghold in our local sector as well? Let’s hope for the very best for V2 laying our trust on it to bring the winds of change for our local market. Cheers!
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