Still at Zero point after 70 years


In 2017 a lot of new motorcycles were launched in Pakistan. Few will be assembled here and most of these will be imported from China. But I don’t think that any of the bike will be made here (with 100% Pakistani parts).
Same is the case of cars that there have been many announcements during 2017. For example, Nishat group, Lucky group, United Motorcycles etc will bring brands like Hyundai, Kia, Renault etc.
We see many professionals calling all above as a very good sign of progress. Yes, we agree that it will give jobs and support the economy. But in past many brands came to Pakistan and then returned too. The worse thing is that we did not learn anything from any company who worked here.
We don’t know why professionals are happy? Just for the good jobs with attractive salaries? They are thinking about themselves only? They don’t think about long term progress of Pakistan?
Let us share a few things about India that is not far away but just along our border line. Their company Hero worked with Honda Japan and now is a separate entity and bigger than Honda. Their company Bajaj worked in collaboration with Kawasaki and then Kawasaki left India, as a result Bajaj is a separate entity with good product line, strong R & D etc. If we talk about cars, their brand Maruti worked with Suzuki and is now a huge name with respect to size, products and R & D. Their own brand Tata has shown a lot of progress not only in India but in world too. Infact the Indian giants have taken over famous brand of Europe, America.
Now if we compare them with Pakistan, then can we claim that we have also made progress? We believe it is not the progress. Whether Renault comes or Hyundai goes back, whether Atals Honda launches CB 150R or Road Prince imports Zongshen WEGO 150, in all the cases we as Pakistani cannot claim we have done progress. This progress is not more than some jobs, some new investments etc. Let us explain this. Kawasaki worked here for many years and when they left, we could not even make a logo of Kawasaki. Hyundai and Kia worked here for many years, but when they left we could not even make a handle of same quality with our brand name.
After all these brands of bikes and cars coming here and going back, Pakistan is nowhere with respect to R & D and technological advancements. We name this status as Zero point even after spending seventy years. We request all professionals and authorities to kindly consider long term progress.
Today, even a single company of Pakistan cannot claim that they have made their own motorcycle or car because we are in habit of cut, copy and paste now.
Let us, atleast promise to ourselves (individually) that we will strive for something good for Pakistan. Today when we are at a position of self-reliance in nuclear technology, ship making and even fighter jets then why not motorcycles and cars?

By: Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Malik, Founder & Head of Safe Riding – Road Safety Dept of Pakistan Bikers Club
Published in Monthly AutoMark Magazine’s January-2018 printed edition