The 17th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition CIMAMotor 2019


The 17th China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (hereafter referred to as CIMAMotor 2019), the largest motorcycle exhibition in Asia, will be held on September 20-23, 2019 in Chongqing, China.

Industrial structure will continue to accelerate adjust at motorcycle industry. Chinese motorcycle production is expected to continue to reduce and the proportion of traditional type became low. Along with industrial structure adjusting more and more thorough, market competition increases. Quantity expansion and price competition is moving to competition mainly composed of quality-oriented and differentiation.

CIMAMotor, as one of the most important platforms for new product launch in the industry, will spare no efforts to strengthen its position not only as a platform for brand displaying, product trade, technology transfer and information releasing, but also a platform for innovative products representing the future trends of energy saving and environmental protection.

At present, international luxury motorcycle manufacturers have entered the main markets in China and domestic brands are on the rise. Having been successfully organizing motorcycle riding and other cultural activities for several years, CIMAMotor as the annual carnival for motorcyclists and enthusiasts has been widely recognized, thus making it the best promotion platform for luxury motorcycles and related products in China. To show the vitality of China motorcyclists, CIMAMotor will invite foreign motorcycle tour operators from famous motorcycle touring destinations to join in the exhibition. They will meet with more than 300 motorcycle clubs and provide numerous tour choices for nearly 20,000 motorcycle enthusiasts at CIMAMotor.

While presenting new motorcycle products and cutting-edge technologies to visitors, and depending on word class hardware condition of the venue, CIMAMotor also set up professional experience space for crossing-country, training skills, and testing drive. In order to add visual interest and participation to visitors and making experiential motorcycle exhibition, CIMAMotor is going to open up motorcycle experiential and interactive zone, motorcycle stunt wards, second-hand motorcycle trading zone, The night of rock and roll for motorcycle fans.

CIMAMotor focuses on everything about motorcycles. After being fostered for several years, it has become a reliable promotion platform and strategic partner of the exhibitors. We cordially invite you to participate in CIMAMotor 2019.
In 2019, let’s meet at CIMAMotor!

Exhibition Scope

Scope of Exhibits】

>  Whole Vehicles: 

General motorcycle, luxury motorcycle, off road motorcycle, special purpose motorcycle, custom motorcycle, tricycle, new energy motorcycle, etc.

> Motorcycle Accessories and Parts:

 Motor engines, vehicle frames, shock absorbers, brakes, wheel hub, sprocket, tire, oil tank, exhaust system, electronic devices, light, lock, covering parts and other spare parts.

> Motorcycle Cultural Related Products: 

Clothing, helmet, equipment and accessories for motorcycle outdoor activities, model, ornament, refitting accessories, motorcycle club, motorcycle tour operator, etc.

> General Fuel Motors: 

General gasoline (diesel) engine, genset, water pump unit, multi-functional agricultural machinery, etc.

> Maintenance Products: 

Special tools and machinery for cycle manufacturing and repairing, lubricant, etc.

> Motorcycle Technology and Service: 

Industrial design company, publication, R&D achievement, etc.

【Special Areas】

>Motorcycle Tour:

CIMAMotor will invite motorcycle tour operators from main foreign motorcycle tour destinations to attend CIMAMotor 2019. Motorcyclists who love travelling in full freedom will find partners, new attractions, new ideas and solutions here. For the exhibitors, it is the ideal stage to meet and welcome a specific target group.

>Custom Area:

CIMAMotor Custom Area is much more than an exhibition area, in that it aims to show passion, innovation and imagination through the people and the art forms that have characterized it over time. Besides highly stylized vehicles, the handcrafted motorbikes and unique products on display, a variety of activities are scheduled to meet the unique and personalized need which motorcyclist chase after.

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