China FAW, Dongfeng Automobile and Changan auto sign strategic cooperation agreement


China’s FAW, Dongfeng Motor and Changan automobile have opened a new chapter of cooperation, which helps Chinese auto companies to seize the strategic commanding heights and help Chinese car brands to become louder, stronger and better

China’s FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor and Chongqing Changan Automobile at the end of last week signed a broad based collaboration agreement aimed at improving efficiency, sharing costs and targeting future growth

Three major central enterprises in the domestic automotive industry (FAW, Dongfeng and Changan) signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. The three party will cooperate in the field of forward-looking technology innovation, full value chain operation, going out and new business mode.

China First Automobile Group Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “China FAW”), Dongfeng Motor Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Automobile”), Chongqing Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the “Changan car”) strategic cooperation framework agreement signing ceremony was held in Hubei, Wuhan.

According to the agreement, the three parties will be in prospective, generic technology innovation automotive value chain operation, combined to “go out” and new business models such as the four areas to carry out all-round cooperation, which marks the Chinese automobile industry “national team” to start the comprehensive cooperation, work together to promote the development of the auto market and Chinese Chinese car brand comprehensive strength.

China First Automobile Group Corporation chairman, party secretary Xu Liuping, China South Industries Group Corporation party secretary, chairman Xu Ping, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. chairman, general manager, deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy party secretary Li Shaozhu, deputy general manager of China South Industries Group Corporation, Chongqing Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd chairman Zhang Baolin, China First Automobile Group Corporation, Dong Chunbo, Wang Guoqiang, Qin Huanming Qiu Xiandong, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Cheng Daoran, Liu Weidong Wen Shuzhong, An Tiecheng, Chongqing, Changan automobile Limited by Share Ltd Steve Chow, Yuan Mingxue, Li Wei, Hua Dubiao attended the signing ceremony. Qin Huanming, Liu Weidong and Steve Chow signed the agreement on behalf of the three parties.

Four major areas in depth cooperation to create a new situation of win-win development. According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the first in the field of innovation forward common technology, set up three car enterprises will actively participate in the intelligent network of automobile national innovation center, Changan FAW, Dongfeng Automobile and automobile China co founded “prospective generic technology innovation center”. The three parties around the new energy, intelligence, network and light fields of strategic core technology platform for joint investment, development, and sharing technology.

secondly, in the field of vehicle full value chain operation, the three party will focus on strengthening the coordination of traditional vehicle platform and powertrain and other aspects, in the field of production and cooperation, and collaborative procurement, and deepen cooperation in the field of logistics.

Addition, in expanding overseas markets, the three parties will actively implement the national “The Belt and Road” initiative, to explore the depth of cooperation in overseas products, overseas terminal, cyber source overseas business partners, overseas manufacturing resources, international logistics etc..

All party will also explore new business models together, and strengthen the forward-looking research and cooperation of vehicle sharing, travel services and new eco environment of the automotive industry. We will explore synergy in the financial field and jointly plan for participating in smart city and intelligent transportation construction.
Practice the national strategy to promote the construction of automobile power
The nineteen report of put forward that we should speed up the construction of manufacturing power, accelerate the development of advanced manufacturing industry, cultivate world-class advanced manufacturing clusters, and create a world-class competitive enterprise with global competitiveness. This has provided an important follow for the construction of automobile enterprises and the bugle of the new era of China’s auto industry.

China FAW, Dongfeng Automobile and Changan automobile shoulder the important mission of building a powerful automotive country, and have strong demand for bigger and bigger businesses. Strengthening strategic interaction, deepening strategic cooperation, realizing the win-win development of vehicle enterprises and promoting the construction of auto power are three wishes of the vehicle companies, and the concrete actions to implement the nineteen spirit of the party.

After nearly twenty years of rapid development, the quality and competitiveness of Chinese automobile products has been greatly improved, and began to compete with foreign brands in a positive way. The rapid development of mobile Internet spawned cross-border integration, industrial integration of new ecology, the automobile industry is undergoing profound changes, the electric, intelligent, network sharing, lightweight, has become the new development direction of automobile industry chain. China’s FAW, Dongfeng Motor and Changan automobile have opened a new chapter of cooperation, which helps Chinese auto companies to seize the strategic commanding heights and help Chinese car brands to become louder, stronger and better.
To promote technological innovation, optimize the whole value chain operation, expand overseas market and explore new business models, is the most important vehicle development in the future, and also the key to accelerate the development of Chinese auto enterprises. China three car companies to deepen cooperation is necessary and timely to conform to the trend of economic globalization and market integration, optimize the industrial layout, with the development of advanced manufacturing industry policy is a new exploration of the implementation of “automobile industry long-term development plan”.