Decline in Motorbike and Three-Wheeler Sales in Pakistan


The Pakistan Automobile Manufacturing Association (PAMA) reported a notable decline of 6.49 percent in the sale of motorbikes and three-wheelers during the first ten months of the fiscal year 2023-24 compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.
From July to April 2023-24, a total of 941,406 units were sold, reflecting a decrease from 1,006,839 units sold during the same months in 2022-23.
The decline in sales was particularly evident in several prominent motorcycle brands. Honda motorcycles experienced a decrease of 2.78 percent, with sales dropping from 843,219 units to 819,752 units. Suzuki motorcycles witnessed a significant decline of 51.55 percent, from 28,091 units to 13,610 units. Similarly, Yamaha and Road Prince motorbike sales also decreased, marking declines of 47.70 percent and 45.28 percent, respectively.
In contrast, United Auto three-wheelers recorded a notable surge in sales, increasing by 57.09 percent from 1,240 units to 1,948 units. Sazgar three-wheelers also witnessed a substantial growth of 35.88 percent, rising from 8,267 units to 11,234 units.
However, the sales of United Auto motorcycles declined by 15.33 percent, from 82,069 units to 69,480 units. Qingqi three-wheelers experienced a decrease of 19.87 percent, and Road Prince three-wheelers saw a decline of 26.87 percent.
The data underscores the challenges facing the automotive industry in Pakistan, attributed to various factors such as economic conditions, consumer preferences, and market dynamics. Despite the mixed performance across different segments, the decline in overall sales suggests a need for industry stakeholders to reassess strategies and adapt to evolving market trends to stimulate growth and competitiveness in the sector.