Honda’s Moving Car Showroom brings a unique concept to the City


Honda Atlas has launched a rather unique idea to promote the newly launched Honda City in Pakistan. The company has introduced a Moving Showroom Car Display for its consumers, which is both unique and interesting.

The idea has resulted inhighly engaging and impactful activity around the new sedan.The moving showroom displays are attracting a large number of people who want to get a feel for the new model and want a hands-on experience of the new City.The unique concept behind this activity is creating a lot of impact in the market.

The entire showroom has been made with meticulous attention to detail and is easily accessible for people who want to hop on the float and checkout the features of the new City. Because the moving showroom, travels around the city, it is very convenient for the people and they do not need to drive very far to see the new car.

In short, the whole experience has become very exciting for Honda City lovers in Pakistan and the response by the people shows they have appreciated the initiative and unique display of the new model by Honda Atlas.

Since the country is going through a pandemic, Honda is taking steps to conduct this activity under proper COVID-19 SOPs and protocols to ensure the safety of people.

Honda’s staff are very welcoming,offering refreshments and giveaways to visitors. They are also very prompt in answering customer queries and facilitating them with further information in the form of flyers and smart brochures. This has made the whole experience even more informative and pleasant for visitors.

Honda is mainly displaying the Honda City Aspire 1.5L CVT on the Moving Showroom Car Display because it is the top-of-the-line variant and people have shown the most interest in it. The company has planned a further 10 displays in 6 cities across Punjab. In Lahore, the display is planned for 11 days at Packages Mall and 2 days at Liberty Market. Judging from the response in Lahore, Honda is looking forward to seeing an overwhelming response in the other cities of Punjab.

Honda’s Moving Showroom Car Display truly brings a unique automotive experience to Pakistan. It has not only been successful in attracting a lot of visitors, it is also introducing a new marketing concept of reaching out to the people instead of waiting for the people to come to you. So, if you are a Honda lover, drop by Honda’s Moving Showroom Car Display today and experience the new Honda City in an exciting and unique way.


  1. I think its useless, until he did not dropped his prices. Because now many other companies are lunched to compete Big three (Honda, Suzuki, Toyota) monopoly regarding Rates and features.

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