TPL Trakker, Proton pen partnership for seamless and connected automotive future


TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading IoT Company pro-viding Telematics, Mapping, and Location Based Services, has recently partnered with Proton, a world-class automotive Malaysian company, to offer automotive software and hardware solutions.

The world is moving fast towards next genera-tion automotive connectivity. It has been estimated that almost 70% of the vehicles world-wide will ship with embedded connectivity in the near future.

A connected vehicle is equipped with a host of smart features that enhance the overall driving ex-perience by making it seamless and exciting.

From advanced infotainment services on the go to swift navigation system, such intelligent vehicles are creating great disruption in the automobile industry

TPL Trakker and Proton have joined forces to revo-lutionize the automotive industry of Pakistan by delivering Pakistan’s first ‘Intelligent vehicle’.

In line with this partnership, TPL Trakker has offered Proton online and offline maps for Proton X-70 while other state-of-the-art hardware features such as Infotainment System, Camera, and Speakers will be installed in Proton SAGA in the future.