Indus Motor Company shuts down its plant due to lack of demand


Indus Motor Company (IMC), the maker of Toyota vehicles, has decided to shut down all production for the remaining days of September, bringing the total number of “non-production days” (NPDs) to 15 in the month due to continuing fall in demand.

It was found out that the federal excise duty (FED) of 2.5-7.5 per cent on various engine capacity cars, sky rocketing prices on account of rupee-dollar parity coupled with additional customs duty on imported parts and raw material and high interest rates had priced most of their vehicles out of the market.

Sources said the IMC plant and countrywide dealership network has piled up unsold inventory of over 3,000 vehicles. The plant is running at 50pc capacity in September. Meanwhile, it was confirmed that IMC’s production would remain shut from Sept 20-30.

Toyota Corolla production and sales dropped to 5,308 units and 3,708 units respectively in July-August from 8,804 and 8,770 units in same period last fiscal year, representing a fall of 40 and 57pc respectively. Whereas Toyota Hilux production and sales plunged to 793units and 716 units from 1,383 and units 1,292 units, a drop of 42pc and 44pc respectively.

Further, production and sales of Toyota Fortuner came down to 232 units and 162 units from 484 units and 424 units, a drop of 52pc and 62pc respectively.

Courtesy: Dawn Newspaper


  1. Writer is unknown about truth
    Due you know with prices in Pakistan
    If you buy 8-900000 repuess Pakistani, car from India same company it give every safety mode, including air bugs and big car , not mehran,
    Due you know according to all world standards, Pakistani car companies earned 60% more profit in one car than in other countries,
    Recently increased 5,00000 on per car , but not increase employees salaries, so every dawn breaking news not full true,
    I known sales is decreasing but it wants to increase sale then get less profit and peoples buy it,
    Make sure that next time “Muhammad hanif:
    Not break lose news, which is just 2nd hand useless media for change mind of people’s from truth

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