Khalid Mushtaq to setup auto assembly plant in Karachi

Mushtaq KY10

Khalid Mushtaq Motors (Pvt) Limited (KMML), country’s famous family, have to setup an assembly plant near-by Karachi (Nooriabad) with an investment over Rs375 million (including working capital) to produce light commercial vehicles from first quarter of 2019.

The company has signed a technical collaboration agreement with China’s Chongqing Kuayue (Group) Co., Limited to assemble vehicles under the name “MUSHTAQ”. Model KY10, 1.5 ton loading capacity light commercial vehicles shall be introduce in first phase. A 11 seats and another 5 seats van shall be introduce in second phase.

The Ministry of Industries (MoI) earlier in August-2017 had awarded Greenfield status to KMML. All the necessary equipments, tools, machinery and ED Plant accessories has been received at site. After completion of establishing assembly plant company will apply for a manufacturing license to ministry of industries.

Our initial plan to assemble 1,500 units per annum on a single shift basis and the production capacity will be triple by using three shifts in view of soaring demand for commercial vehicles in the wake of CPEC,” COO KMML Anwar Iqbal told Automark on last week. Mr. Anwar Iqbal has rich experience of 21 years in automobile industry. He is well known personality of automobile sector of Pakistan.

He said the new investment in four wheelers will create 300-500 direct and indirect jobs. “We are going to start hiring very soon” he added.

COO KMML said that the company has already imported some sample units of MUSHTAQ vehicles for testing purpose in CBU condition from our principal in China.

He said, “After testing these vehicles, soon we are going to import 100 units of these vehicles in completely built up (CBU), before starting local assembly of the product. We are planning to produce our local assembly product in first quarter of 2019, if everything goes as plan.

“We are the one of the new investor in the green field segment under new Auto Development Policy 2016-21 after United Motors, Regal Automobile, Kia by Lucky Group and Hyundai by Nishat Group,” he said, adding that Dewan Group and Ghandhara Nissan have been awarded brown field status.

Our vehicle is far more supervisor among its class. Dewan Shehzor is 85hp, JAC-X200 is 78Hp, whereas Mushtaq KY10 engine is 102hp. Loading capacity of Shehzor and JAC are 1 ton whereas Mushtaq KY10 is 1.5 Ton. Being a gasoline engine installation of CNG kits option is always available, even KMM shall also offer company fitted CNG kit. Gasoline itself a cleaner fuel in compression to diesel and engine maintenance cost shall also be lesser.

  • Mushtaq KY10 Engine is VVT Variable Valve timing (VVT).  It would be 1st light commercial vehicle in Pakistan with VVT technology. VVT is a process of altering the timing of valve lift event which improve performance and power of engine, gives fuel economy and very low level of engine sound.

Technical Specification
Light Commercial Vehicle “Mushtaq”, Model KY10 Gasoline Engine VVT Technology
– 1.5 Ton truck
– Independent suspension
– Power steering
– Front disc brake
– Heater,
– MP3 player
– AC is optional

Price and Availability

The MUSHTAQ LVC will be available in first quarter of 2019 and price range between Rs. 1.2M to Rs. 1.5M



类别Contents 项目Items SC1031FBD42

(Single cabin)




length 5300
width 1800
height 2070
货箱内部尺寸   cargo dimension


length 2800
width 1600
height 380
     轴距 wheel basemm 2900
轮距track 前轮front wheelmm 1460
后轮rear wheelmm 1420

mass parameter


整车总质量gross vehicles weight 2780
整备质量kurb weight 1280
最大载质量 Max payload 1500
     乘员人数(人) seating capacity 2


型号 model DK15-07  Euro IV
排量 stroke volumeml 1499
标定功率 rated power (kw/ r/min) 82/5600~5800
最大扭矩maximum torque(N.m/ r/min) 143/4300~4500  

Main performance parameter

最高车速 maximum speed(km/h) ≥95
满载最大爬坡度 Maximum climbing ability () ≥30
最小转弯直径 Minimum turning circles diameter (m) ≤12
最低离地间隙 Minimum ground clearance (mm) ≥175
限定条件百公里油耗Fuel consumption(speed 50km/h),(L/100km) ≤8.8
制动系brake system front disc/rear drum
轮胎tire 195R14LT, single rear tire
Standard equipment Independent suspension, Power steering ,Front disc brake, heater, MP3 player, lighter, laminated windshield, double sun visor
Optional A/C