Pak Suzuki decreased the Price of Heavy Bike Inazuma GW250?


Though Pak Suzuki has not released any information on why the price of Inazuma has been decreased, the speculations are being made on social media and among the stakeholders including dealers, customers and other experts of the industry about this sudden decrease in the price of Inazuma 250cc bike.

Listed below could be the three major reasons for such a significant decline in the price of Inazuma by Pak Suzuki:

  • Pak Suzuki is looking to make bigger strides into the heavy bikes market of Pakistan by offering one of a kind, 250cc bike in Inazuma at a low price. In this way, the company is trying to win the trust of customers so that it can establish a strong customerbase before Honda launches a similar bike in the market. According to market sources, Honda is also planning to launch its 250cc heavy bike in the Pakistan soon.
  • Another reason could be the fact that Pak Suzuki is looking to acquire maximum orders for heavy bikes from different provincial governmentsand the federal government. The increase in the demand for heavy bikes at Government level has cut down the cost on the assembly of heavy bikes significantly, which is why Pak Suzuki has possibly decreased the price of Inazuma.
  • Another big reason is the competition faced by Pak Suzuki from few Chinese brands that has already given a wakeup call to Suzuki by getting a positive response from customers in the Pakistan market.

As per market sources, Pak Suzuki could  manage to sell almost 100 units of its heavy bike Inazuma in  year, which has also made the company think of ways to promote the sales of its heavy bike and decreasing the price of Inazuma is a logical step in that direction. Fans of Suzuki Inazuma and the interested buyers can expect a major decrease in the price of this heavy bike.

According to a letter for All Pak Suzuki authorized dealers from Pak Suzuki for the announcement of price reduction in Suzuki Inazuma GW250 leaked on social media, the dealership price of the heavy bike Inazuma GW250 has been decreased from PKR 681,000 to PKR 599,000. Dealership price is mostly lower than the market price of a vehicle and customers are usually not made aware of the difference between the market price and dealership price. But now, as the new dealership price has been leaked on social media, customer may demand the heavy bike to be sold in the market at the same price that is announced for dealers without any additional charges.

Will the social media leak of the new dealership price benefit customers?

The heavy bike Inazuma was earlier available in the market at a price of PKR 725,000 which is now set to decrease considerably, especially after the leaked dealership price on social media. It has been speculated that after the social media leak of the press release, dealers will have to offer the bike in the market without earning any significant profit against the market price. The loss of dealers will have to be compensated by Pak Suzuki to retain the trust of its customers and maintain its reputation among dealerships in Pakistan. This will eventually benefit the customers who will expectedly experience a considerable decline in the market price of Inazuma.

The Suzuki GW250 is a 248CC entry-level standard motorcycle sold in Australia, Asia and Europe. It is called the Inazuma 250 in the EU and the GSR250 in Japan. Wikipedia

Seat height780 mm (30.7 in)

Oil capacity2.1 L (0.6 US gal)

Fuel capacity13.3 L (3.5 US gal)

Bore / stroke53.5 mm × 55.2 mm (2.1 in × 2.2 in)

DimensionsL: 2,145 mm (84.4 in); W: 760 mm (29.9 in); H: 1,075 mm (42.3 in)

Weight170 kg (374.8 lb) (dry)

Engine248 cc (15.1 cu in), 4-stroke, inline-twin, liquid-cooled, SOHC

By: Syed Sarim Raza