United Bravo’s price falls by 1 Lac


United Bravo has announced a reduction in the price of their car ‘Bravo.’ According to the statement, the new cost of 800cc hatchback United Bravo will be 10,099,000 (Ex. Factory price).

According to the statement, the reduction of 0.1 million comes in lieu of the depreciation of the dollar exchange rate. The dollar, which was previously at 167 Rs in March 2020, has gone down to 160 Rs in October 2020.

The revised prices will apply to orders placed on October 29th, 2020 and onward. Backorder customers will be served as per adjusted prices, and the stock dealership will be invoiced at the new price after October 29th, 2020. The advanced tax will be inclusive in the updated price, and the freight will be charged as per destination. As per company ‘Positive exchange rate impact transferred to customers’

United was the first Pakistani Manufacturer to make their car locally. When they first released the car in November 2018, the cost was 985,000 Rs. However, on July 20th, 2020, they increased the price of Bravo by Rs214, 000 bringing the value up to 11,099,000.

The auto industry should also follow in the footsteps of United Bravo. The price hikes were made due to the dollar rate inflating should be reduced again.
The pandemic has dramatically affected the purchasing power of people. A price reduction could make the prices slightly more affordable to people.