United Motorcycle – Becomes a Strong competitor for Karachi market


United Auto Industry is the 2nd largest brand in the market, are becoming a strong competitor for Karachi market. In presence of already established brands in local market United has launched its special modified model of 70cc which is getting popular in dealer and buyers.

With an increase in local production and subsequent drop in prices, two-wheelers are becoming a preferred mode of transportation for people who have suffered the most amid the fast deteriorating public transport system.

What’s special attached to the Karachi buyers is that the company gives a one year warranty on every motorcycle regardless of the mileage of the bike. While other motorcycle assemblers offer 6 months or 6000 km warranty, whichever comes first.

United Auto Industry had already started to win this page, dealers and customers have shown very high interest in the bike and offers. In a very short span of time, since launching of the bike last month in Karachi, they have sold a very good number of motorcycles with customer’s confidence.

Company has already established 30 service centers to facilitate and provide utmost customer service and satisfaction. United Auto Industry understands the needs of the market and they work accordingly. Keeping prices lower along with making parts available everywhere will make them win the market. Not to forget the quality should not be compromised as scrap material is not preferred by anyone.

United Auto Industry currently has production capacity of 360,000 units per annum and is planning to increase its production too. With a deep range of product offering the company has seen good response. Currently the company has an offering of in total 8 products which include 150cc auto cargo loader, US 125cc Euro 2, united US 100cc, united US 70cc, 70cc motorcycle for disable person, 100cc motorcycle loader, 200cc auto rickshaw and last but not the least 100cc motorcycle rickshaw.