YAMAHA YBR 125G-First Look


Following the launch of its first model YBR125, Yamaha launched second of the first three 125cc models, YBR 125G. Yamaha had stunned the Pakistani motorcycle community by the launch of its first model and hence people were anxiously waiting for the launch of the second model. Most of the riding community already knew that the next model would be the 125G, the trail version and thanks to the internet we already knew what the upcoming bike would look like. Shockingly, however, Yamaha stunned the biker community once again although this time to their disappointment since the trail version turned out to be nothing more than a little face uplift of the regular YBR125 model. Nonetheless, some of us Pakistan Bikers Club members decided to visit a local show room and see the bike in person.
There is literally no difference at all between the YBR125 and YBR125G, with the exception of a round light and a raised front fender on the G version and slightly different dual-purpose tyres, everything else on the G version is same as the regular model. YBR 125G comes with the same OHC engine and produces a similar torque as the regular model so there is no increase in torque as some might have expected. Fork travel is almost the same for both models though YBR 125G has a slightly more ground clearance than the regular model, which is only because of the higher profile dual purpose front tyre, but the ground clearance that is typical feature of an off road bike is missing here. There is no hand protection on the handle bar, which obviously is an essential part of an off-road bike and is readily available on the YBR 125G sold across the world. The tank and tail is also borrowed from the regular 125 model, here Yamaha seems to have started following the crooked tactics of other manufacturers, i.e. saving the production cost by using same parts as on other models. Internationally, the YBR 125G comes with a windshield over the headlight and although Yamaha Pakistan did put the mount there perhaps they were in a rush to launch the bike that they forgot to put the windshield there altogether and the naked mount looks pretty hideous. Coming to the price, YBR 125G has been priced at Rs.132400/-, which is exactly Rs. 3000/- higher than the regular model, apparently the increased price is not justified considering that the round light has replaced a stylish diamond shape light, which is obviously costlier than the round shape light.
There is no extra light on the 125G and the riders are left to the mercy of the same 12V 35W halogen bulb. The stylish chain cover had impressed us all when we saw it on the YBR125 a few months ago, but perhaps Yamaha took our appreciation for a good excuse to put it on the 125G too, although this time it was highly disappointing. I tried hard to recall an off road bike that came with a fully covered chain and soon gave up. The YBR 125G can hardly be called an off-road bike, it is essentially a road bike trying hard to give the look of an off-road bike. My commiserations to the off-road bike lovers who were waiting for Pakistan’s first locally manufactured pure off-road bike, this is not it.
Exclusive Article written for Monthly Automark Magazine by Tala Hussain Malik, Member www.pakistanbikersclub.com