CBI, The Dutch Centre for Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries and the senior management of TDAP got together for a day  long retreat at Bhurban for brainstorming about how to improve the delivery processes at TDAP for achieving Pakistan’s target of doubling its exports in the next few years.

The session consisted of Secretary TDAP, Mrs. Rabiya Javeria Agha, stakeholders and senior executives of TDAP.  CBI Experts, Zaheeruddin Dar, Fred Janssen and Imtiaz Rastgar moderated the frank and candid session.

The SWOT awareness resulted in highlighting gaps in operation procedures, internal and external training of staff as well as exhibitors, absence of education relating to creation of a cadre seasoned export executive and several guidelines for helping TDAP in meeting its mandated objective of spearheading Pakistan’s exports to the forefront of the global economy.

The getting together of stake holders with the senior and middle cadres of TDAP in a cordial atmosphere, hosted by the CBI, resulted in a free and frank exchange of ideas which led to a better understanding of issues, constraints and some directions on how to over come these, through better coordination and inputs from stake holders.

It was realized that as a facilitator, TDAP’s success depends on the success of the Pakistani exporting community. The challenge is how to expand the exporter base as well as the increase the diversity of Pakistani exports. At the same time, there is a big gap in the curricula being taught in business schools and skill development centers where subjects relating to exporting skills have been totally ignored.

An important issue, which came up, was about the lack of research facilities at TDAP or its affiliated government concerns as well as at the stakeholder BSOs. These and several issues, when addressed, would lead to sustainable growth of Pakistani exports.

All participants thanked the CBI for its role as a specialist agency in promoting exports from Pakistan and looked forward to a continued interaction between TDAP and CBI.

– PRESS RELEASE by Imtiaz Rastgar, CBI representative in Pakistan


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