Honda Recalls CR-Vs for Owner’s Manual Error


Honda is correcting the owner’s manuals in over 336,000 2019 CR-V SUVs after an owner noticed an error in the section that explains how the vehicle’s passenger airbag works.

Currently, the owner’s manual incorrectly describes when the Passenger Airbag Off indicator should illuminate. After an owner discovered the error and complained to Honda, the automaker started an internal investigation and determined that the owner’s manual needed to be corrected. Therefore, Honda will send stickers that state the correct information—plus instructions on how to apply the sticker—to owners of the affected vehicles. These stickers will be sent out starting in November.

Modern vehicles have a weight sensor in the passenger seat that determines whether an airbag should deploy in the event of a crash, or if the passenger is so light that the airbag could cause injury. In the case of Honda, that weight threshold is 65 lbs.

As such, the Passenger Airbag Off indicator should only light up when nobody is sitting in the front passenger seat, or if that person is under 65 lbs. Because their skeletal structure cannot withstand the forces of a deploying airbag, children younger than 13 years should always sit in the backseat of a vehicle regardless of their weight, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Vehicles recalled: All 2019 Honda CR-V SUVs manufactured from Oct. 3, 2018 through Sept. 18, 2019.

The problem: The owner’s manual contains incorrect information about how the airbag system works.

The fix: Honda will mail stickers to owners that can be placed over the incorrect information.